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MOVE- Mind Meets Nature

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: KA1-Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: KA105-Youth mobility
Project Number: 2017-3-AT02-KA105-002013

Grenzlandcamp Kinder-&Familienfreizeitzentrum Klaffer gem. GmbH (Austria)

• Positiva Milano, Italy
• Mobile Adventure SP. ZO.O., Poland
• Scout Group Krste Jon, North Macedonia
• Associação Portuguesa de Educação Ambiental, Portugal
• Asociatia Young Initiative, Romania
• Active Youth, Slovakia

Summary :
In the fast moving society life it occurs that youth distances itself from nature, from outdoor activities and is stuck only to their electronic devices. It arises depressions, burn out or other psychological problems. The rising numbers of young people, who have psychological stress, are steadily increasing. 
Through people working in youth fields we would like to give impulses to young people to connect more with the nature, to get to enjoy more outdoor activities, to explore exiting and new possibilities outside, to use the nature as a relaxation mechanism, to learn various techniques from resilience (the ability to recover strength, spirits, good humour etc.)

During the course the participants will spend the most time in the nature. The venue is the perfect place for that.