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About Us

Mobile Adventure Sp. ZO. O. (MOBAD) was established in 2016 as an enterprise in youth, sport and technology field in Warsaw, Poland. 

Aims are:

- To organize youth and sport activities for people, promote social and cultural integration. For this purpose, it arranges and participates all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports, daily activities and youth camps.

- To cooperate with the institutions, private and public bodies, local authorities which are dealing with national/international youth activities.

- To cooperate with international and youth centres about exchanging young people to support their physical, social, psychological and cultural development.

- To search and transfer new technologies related in the field of youth and sport.

In this context, MOBAD is always in contact with local and international associations as federations, sports clubs, schools, youth centres, companies. It aims to improve its organizational structure and experiences by participating to the events.

The main area of these events are camps, seminars, trainings, incubator programs and meetings. MOBAD's founders and managers are trained and experienced people on youth related works, hackathon camps, trainings and education. They had completed several certificate programmes from top institutions (national and international) and developed their knowledge by attending several events.
MOBAD has 3 main expertise areas: Outdoor Education, Sport and Technology.

1. It uses adventure elements (high-low rope courses), youth events, team games and different recreational activities for youngs to help their physical, personal and mental health development. The instructors have expertise in using these elements for social inclusion and integration of disadvantaged people to the society.

2 .MOBAD develops strategies for local governments, public institutions and NGOs working in the field of sport. It organizes tournaments and sport camps for professional teams and local sport clubs. It runs a basketball course which players are training for amateur games.

3. MOBAD works on youth and sports technology and innovation including social innovation, follows new technologies and develop/transfer tech for the community. For Norway LNU Grants (Social Inclusion of Refugees Using Sport As A Tool), they developed a mobile application “PlayWithMe” to be used as a tool for integration of refugees and local communities. They are now working on video programs to be used simply for end users. It is an innovative approach for promotion of events, especially with social media.

In May 2017, Mobile Adventure joined an international group called "Sports Innovation Working Group (SIWG)". Members of this Group consist of educators, researchers, project developers, youth workers and sports volunteers at various levels, including Norway, Poland, France and the United States. The aim of the working group is to define the needs of individuals and communities and to contribute to the development of innovative products, services and processes through project-based work by using the sport field as a tool and non-formal methods.