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Improving Social Innovation Competencies of Sports Professionals through Increasing Quality of VET

Programme: Erasmus+ 
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices 
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training
Project Number: 2018-1-NO01-KA202-038890

Coordinator :
• Furim Institutt

Partners :
• Universitatea Nationala De Educatie Fizica Si Sport Din Bucuresti
• Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio
• Mobile Adventure Sp. Zo.O.

Summary :
SPINVET project seeks to address the following identified needs of VET for sport field in social innovation at the EU level: 

• Current curricula implemented by VET institutions responsible for VET of sports professionals are insufficient to train qualified sports managers to meet the needs of the sports labor market.

• Social innovation in sports is a relatively new but rapidly developing field. There is no innovative course curriculum on social innovation that VET institutions in the field of sport can apply.

• Trainers/lecturers responsible for VET of sports managers need innovative educational resources on social innovation.

• The social innovation competencies of the sports professionals in the labor market are not sufficient.

• Sports professionals in the labor market need open and digital learning platforms and training resources to improve their social innovation knowledge, skills and competences.

The overall objectives of SPIN-VET are to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Norway and Europe by supporting professional development of VET trainers/lecturers in sport field and developing social innovation competencies for sports professionals working in sport organizations (non-profit and for profit).

The specific aims of SPIN-VET are:
• to develop a course curriculum that addresses the challenges faced by sports managers in the development and delivery of innovative products, services and processes for the sports sector in order to contribute the solving of social problems and
• to improve the social innovation competencies of sports managers with digital, open and innovative learning platform and training resources.

The target groups of SPIN-VET who benefit from the project products and took part in the projects’ activities are as follows:

1. Direct target group: sports managers, sport professionals, VET trainers/lecturers in the sport field, partner organizations and their staff
2. Indirect target group: Sport organizations, VET organizations/institutions, universities, training providers, trainers/lecturers of target organizations
Intellectual Outputs (IOs)

IO-1: A Course curriculum on social innovation in the field of sport
IO-2: A Gamification based interactive learning platform for sports managers